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BlephEx™- Blepharitis Treatment

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Our Rockville Md optometry practice is proud to offer a new, in-office procedure for our patients to treat blepharitis. Blepharitis is an inflammation affecting the eyelids and eyelashes. Common symptoms of blepharitis include: dandruff like flakes, redness, sandy feeling, burning, itching, and sticky sensation on the eyes. If blepharitis is left untreated the eyelid glands can become clogged and infected. This can cause styes, dry eye syndrome, corneal ulcers, and unsightly crusted scales and debris on the eyelids. Fortunately there is help! BlephEx™ improves the overall health of the eyelid, and reduces many of the common symptoms associated with blepharitis, including removing bacterial scurf and crusted debris.

The BlephEx™ Treatment

During the 6-8 minute BlephEx™ treatment, we will gently exfoliate the lashes and eyelids to remove the crusted discharge from blepharitis. Prior to treatment, a numbing drop is placed in each eye to allow maximum comfort to the patient. During exfoliation, a medical grade micro-sponge gently and accurately spins along the lashes and eyelids to remove the debris. One sanitary, disposable micro-sponge is used for each eye to prevent the spread of bacteria. Last, the eyes are thoroughly rinsed. Prior to the patient returning home, they will be instructed to maintain lid hygiene with LidHygenix foam cleanser. While home treatments are effective removing some debris, normally patients return every twice a year for follow-up treatment. As with regular dental cleanings, BlephEx™ treatment should be performed every six months to maintain the health of the eyelids and control over blepharitis.

Why Have the BlephEx™ Treatment

Treating blepharitis can save patients money and time when adding up the costs of prescription drops and artificial tears, not to mention preventing serious infections. Patients report the procedure is easy to tolerate, stating that most felt a tickling sensation. Patients also reported that they are happy because the irritation and discharge is gone. They also reported that taking care of their eyelids afterwards at home became much easier than before.

Experience Counts- Renowned Doctors & Medical Facilities Using BlephEx™

Nearly 1,000 doctors are providing BlephEx™ treatments to treat blepharitis. Now adopted for use by the Mayo Clinic, Kellogg Eye Center, University of Michigan, University of Houston School of Optometry and Mt Sinai Medical School in Manhattan, NY, BlephEx™ is fast becoming the new standard of care for this chronic condition.

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If you suffer from blepharitis in the Rockville area, and are ready to rid your dry eye of debris and scurf, contact us at 301 294-0883 to make an appointment today!

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