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Good students have better eye sight – period. When our kids are seeing, they’re learning. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), as much as 80 percent of learning is visual. Reading, writing, and computer work are just a few visual tasks kids do every day in school. Whether they’re solving math problems or working on the board, kids need good vision to do their best in school.

Before the exam, explain that eye exams aren’t scary, and can be fun! With Clarifye SM at LensCrafters, a kid-friendly eye exam is quick for your child and less stressful for you. After the doctor tests how she sees colors and letters using charts with pictures, shapes, and patterns, Clarifye SM equipment will give an initial digital measurement of your kid’s eyes in fewer than 60 seconds. And, we can actually show you on an iPad a side-by-side simulation of how your child is seeing now, and how their vision will look once corrected. If your child does need glasses, the doctor will write a prescription that you’ll take when your kids go to pick out their cool, new frames.

Kids learn about the world through their five senses. Their eyesight is key to learning and to developing strong problem-solving skills that will take them through life. Since learning-related vision problems can occur at any age without you or your child noticing, make sure to pay attention to signs and symptoms, and of course, make regular eye exams a good back-to-school habit.

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